About the Leather Marketplace

About the Marketplace

A Global Marketplace for Premium, Hand-Crafted Leather Goods

The ILC Marketplace is a global platform for buyers to connect with sellers of fine, premium, handcrafted leather goods and accessories.

Unlike any other platform in the world, we put a focus on the goods sold being only high-quality, and made directly by the crafters that sell them.

Think of it like in the 1800’s when someone went to a local craftsperson that handmade a quality item that could last for decades. We believe in that ideal, and offering that local quality to a global community. Great products made by great people.  

Benefits to Buyers

Benefits to Sellers

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Sounds great, what makes it different than etsy or ebay?

The ILC Marketplace is very different. As a premium, niche marketplace, it focuses purely on leathercraft. Quality of goods tends to be higher, and the individual sellers are vetted by actual leather crafters.

For Sellers, the Marketplace shops offer vastly more control over configuration, and many more features than other marketplaces. It is a very easy way to  have a professional ecommerce shop of your own.

How do I know my purchases are secure?

The ILC Marketplace utilized the PayPal network for transactions. A PayPal account can be used, or purchases can be easily made without a PayPal account, using a credit card that is processed on the safe and reliable PayPal network.

What does it cost as a seller?

For Sellers, there is a 6% commission for each sale.

How do Sellers get paid?

Sellers get paid instantly when a purchase is made. The commision is drawn automatically, and the seller directly receives the purchase funds and any shipping/tax that is associated with the order.

The Marketplace never directly holds any Buyer or Seller funds, as PayPal securely handles all of the financial transactions directly on their network.

What are the requirments to become a seller?

To qualify as a seller on the platform, a crafter must demonstrate they:

  • Make each item themselves
  • Use quality materials in item construction
  • Are familiar with the basic tools and techniques of leathercraft
  • Will value and serve their customers with respect and care

Have any questions?

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