The International Leather Club is a supportive, collaborative leather guild community with extensive resources to help you learn and enjoy leathercraft.

Background Story

Beginning leathercraft involves so much excitement. Research leading to asking many questions, and seeking more knowledge. Great resources were available from talented individual crafters with information to share. The trade of leather craft has had so many incredible people contribute to its rich history and heritage.

A group of crafters imagined a place where those interests, ideas, and people could come together in a truly energetic, active community; all in one place. Courses, files, templates, discussions, collaboration – a digital guild for a digital age. From all over the world, members would have 24/7 access to interact, have fun, share, and learn together.

Developing the resources that would have benefitted so many earlier in their leather journey, along with the support, collaboration, and help of other leather crafters, the International Leather Club began. We now exist as a global leather guild community, welcoming members from around the world and at all skill levels.

We are all stewards of the craft. The more we help one another learn, grow, and produce great work, the more we can enjoy and evolve as people, and as crafters. Welcome to the International Leather Club, we’re glad that you’re here.


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