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It’s nice to meet you – get to know a little more about us, why we’re here and what we do. Built by crafters, for crafters.

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It is the foundation of any good relationship. Earning and maintaining trust is paramount in all that we do.



Openness in what we do, how we do it, and how we work together is key to long-lasting collaborations.



When we're each supportive, in word and action, a rising tide raises all ships - sense of community is at our core.



Uniquely expressed by each individual, nurturing creativity is essential to personal growth and fulfillment at all ages.



Using our hands to create useful things in the world is an element of leather working beneficial far beyond the craft.


Every day, we work to help people learn through our three core areas of effort:


We curate, acquire, provide, collaborate, and share some of the most experienced leather working knowledge in the world. This is the foundation of the Club.


We provide expert knowledge through a range of courses, guides, tutorials, interviews, and materials covering all major areas of leather working, for all ages and skill levels.


Leather working is one thread of life, and through it, we can positively impact others and their lives. It’s part of what we believe in, and more importantly, what we do.


A group of crafters imagined a curated collection of resources where you can learn the right things, in the right ways, from the start. Where creative people can spend less time looking for helpful knowledge, and more time focusing on improving their own skills and results, with guidance from trusted experts from around the world.

Courses, patterns, templates, discussions, collaboration, education – a digital platform for a digital age, for crafters by crafters from all over the world.

And so it began with the support, collaboration, and help from many crafters that share our vision and values, the ILC now exists as a global leather community. A digital-first platform, welcoming members from around the world at all skill levels to come learn leather working.

We are all stewards of the craft. The more we help one another learn, grow, and produce great work, the more we can enjoy and evolve as crafters, and most importantly, as people. Welcome to the International Leather Club, we’re glad that you’re here.

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