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What You'll Get

You’ll have access to a step-by-step course, each with a detailed outoine and tools/materials list so you’re ready to follow along. By the end of the course, you should be familiar with common leather tools, leather types, leathercraft techniques, and have made 3 leather projects on your own, including a finished belt.

12-Belt - Leather Belt Apprentice Video Series


Dan Concord is a professional leather crafter with 15 years of design experience and expertise. He is founder of the successful Liberty Leather Goods studio, and also a published author, speaker, teacher, and educator on leather working tools and techniques. He lives in the USA.
Dan Concord Leather Crafter
Dan Concord
Leather Crafter

Format & Duration

The course is presented as a series of videos, each with a text-based outline of the contents of each video. There are approximately 7 hours of video instruction included across 12 separate lessons.

Who Can Benefit

This course would benefit those new to leatherworking the most, and those who might have picked up bits about it here and there and would like a more complete introduction to the craft.

Course Curriculum

Course details

1. The Leather Workspace

In this lesson we explore the very first area of leathercraft, the workspace. What is needed, what can be used, cost ranges, space, surfaces, lighting, and tool storage.

2. Leather Tools

Here we take our first look at leather tools, and what are the most common for the beginning crafter. You'll learn the names, types, and options for the tools that you'll begin using first.

3. Leather Types, Cuts, & Thickness

In this lesson we look through common leather types, so you'll understand what options can be used based on your crafting preferences and decisions. We also talk about dufferent cuts of hides (relating to feel and quality), as well as thickness, and which work well for different types of projects.

4. Marking, Measuring, and Cutting

Next, we look at the tool and techniques to mark and cut leather. this includes with awls, pens, pencils, knives, what rulers and cutting edges can be used, and seeing them in use.

5. Punching

Here we look at the technique of leather punching, why it is used, what tools are best, and what tool options can be selected based on your project and crafting preference. We do some punching examples.

6. Grooving and Marking

In this lesson we explore what grooving is, why it would be done and how it can be used for both functional and aesthetic marking of leather. We also explore different types of groovers and the pros/cons of each.

7. Edging

In this lesson we look at edging, what it is used for, when to do it, and the various sizes of edgers available. We look at sizing differences, and talk about what to consider when choosing an edger (or multiple edgers) to add to your shop.

8. Skiving

Here we take a look at the technique of skiving, the tools, used, and how it's done. there are several reasons we might want to skive (remove some thickness of the leather surface), and we'll demonstrate the process using a hand-skiver.

9. Burnishing

Next, we'll go into the technique of burnishing, when it would be used, different methods to do it, the tools used, and reasons why one might choose one method of burnishing over another. And, we'll demonstrate burnishing.

10. Project #1 – Make a Leather Cord Holder

It's time to create! In this lesson we make our first leather project together, a cord holder. this will include basic leather selection, measuring, cutting, edging, burnishing, and snap-setting.

11. Project #2 – Make a Leather Double Key Ring

Here we dive into our next project! This is a double key ring. We'll go through leather selection, measuring, cutting, hardware used, and setting the hardware in place.

12. Project #3 – Make a Leather Belt

You've made it! It's time for a belt - your skills have developed and you've done great. This belt will combine most of the skills and techniques previously covered in the course, resulting in a proper and wearable leather belt with metal hardware, ready to wear!

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Check out the lessons

Here is a look into some of the lessons in the course, a few include Tools, Types of Leather, Punching, Skiving, and Belt Making. It is surprisingly easy to get started and really fun to do.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can watch each one at your convenience, starting and stopping whenever you’d like. You can even move freely between lessons and rewatch as often as is helpful.

They range in length, the longest being just over 1 hour. You can watch as much or as little of each as you would like, so a pace that is comfortable to you can drive your learning.

You can use any desktop, tablet, or mobile device though which you use to access the Club website. Learn anywhere, even on the go.

No, all of the material can be viewed online and streamed wherever you are.

Yes, the course platform shows your progress through the lessons, so you can start and pause anytime, and continue right where you left off.

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