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Al Stohlman
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The leather crafting world is a tight-knit community of caring folks. Through competitions around the globe, quality work and contributions to the profession are recognized.

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Al Stohlman Award

The most notable award, is the Al Stohlman Award. It honors the accomplishments of individual leather workers worldwide for their continued dedication and exemplary service to leathercraft.

It is the most prestegious award in leathercraft, and each of the winners has made significant contributions to the trade. Below, you can learn more about the winners, where they’re from, and what they are most known for.


Chris “Slickbald” Andre

Colorado, USA

Leather Carving


Michiko Matsuda


Leather Art

2020 Jurgen Volbach Cologne, Germany Leather Carving
2019 Honghao Cai Beijing, China Leather Carving
2018 Jim Jackson Wyoming, USA Saddlery
2017 Serge Volken Lausanne, Switzerland Historical Leather
2016 Kathy Flanagan Colorado, USA Leather Art
2015 Bob Park Arizona, USA Saddlery
2014 None Awarded
2013 Akiko Okada Kanagawa, Japan Leather Art
2013 Wayne Christensen California, USA Leather Teaching
2012 Kay Orton Colorado, USA Leather Teaching
2011 Don Butler Wyoming, USA Saddlery
2010 Bob Klenda Colorado, USA Saddlery
2010 Harold Bligan Indiana, USA Leather Traching
2009 Al Gould California, USA Saddlery
2008 Cherryl McIntyre Brisbane, Australia Leather Teaching
2007 Pete Gorrell Montana, USA Saddlery
2006 Verlane Desgrange Florida, USA Leather Teaching
2005 Chan Geer Montana, USA Saddlery
2004 Al Shelton California, USA Leather Art
2004 Bill & Dot Reis Wisconsin, USA Leather Publishers
2003 Jim Lind Wyoming, USA Leather Teaching
2002 Jim Linnell Montana, USA Leather Teaching
2001 Jesse Smith Washington, USA Saddlery
2000 Roz Kaohn New Jersey, USA Leather Teaching
1999 Tony Laier Colorado, USA Leather Teaching
1998 Don King Wyoming, USA Saddlery
1998 Peter Main Sydney, Australia Leather Crafting
1997 Silva Fox Tennessee, USA Leather Sculpting
1996 Chuck Smith Texas, USA Leather Teaching
1995 Beth Berry Wyoming, USA Leather Teaching
1994 Ava Ostrander Florida, USA Leather Teaching
1993 Dick Giehl Missouri, USA Leather Writer
1992 Ben Moody Texas, USA Saddlery
1991 George Hurst Pennsylvania, USA Leather Writer
1990 None Awarded
1989 Karla Van Horne Ontario, Canada Leather Carving
1988 Kat Kuszak Nebraska, USA Leather Carving


Robert “Bob” Beard

South Carolina, USA

Leather Tools

1986 Bill Gomer Kansas, USA Saddlery
1985 Robb Barr North Dakota, USA Leather Teaching
1984 Roberta & Ken Griffin Oklahoma, USA Leather Teaching
1983 Paul Burnett Tennessee, USA Leather Teaching

If you are curious for more information about each of the winners, Elk Tracks Studio (click here to visit the page) has put together extensive biographies that are a valuable read.

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