The Complete Guide to
Leather Tools - 1st Edition

Over 175 leather working tools, with details, descriptions, and photographs (290-page eBook). Learn what tools are used in the craft and why.

Complete Guide to Leather Tools - First Edition - Liberty Leather Goods - International Leather Club

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What You'll Get

You’ll receive The Complete Guide to Leather Tools – 1st Edition eBook in PDF format. It is a 290-page ebook, broken down into 27 chapters that each dive into a unique segment of leather working tools.

In them you’ll see color images of over 175 different leather tools. Each has a related description that covers what the tools are used for and how they might best help you in your crafting process.

Knowing the tools that exist for leather working is a big first step in making helpful tool choices. Additionally, knowing which tools can best be used for great results can make crafting much easier, more effective, and fun.

Some of the chapters include: Awls, burnisher and slicker tools, cleaning and conditioning, creasers/folders, knives and bladed tools, dyes, paints, and finishes, edger and beveler tools, finishing tools, glues and adhesives, gouges, groovers, hardware and fasteners, holding tools, marking tools, mauls, mallets, and hammers, measuring tools, moulders, pricking irons, chisels, punching tools, sewing tools, skivers, splitters, stamping tools, etching and engraving tools, work surfaces, and tool maintenance.

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Dan Concord is a professional leather crafter with 15 years of design experience and expertise. He is founder of the successful Liberty Leather Goods studio, and also a published author, speaker, teacher, and educator on leather working tools and techniques. He lives in the USA.
Dan Concord Leather Crafter
Dan Concord
Crafter at Liberty Leather Goods


This ebook is delivered as a single-file, PDF format. It is over 290 pages and includes color photos and text decriptions of over 175 unique tools used for leather working and leathercraft.

Target Student

This ebook is helpful to a range of crafters. Those who are brand new can gain a deeply helpful overview of leatherworking tools to know what they want to try and learn first. Experienced crafters can utilize this ebook as a comprehensive reference and guide.

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