Crafter Sessions – Leather Conditioning with Shawn McGowen

Leather Conditioning


Presenter Bio

Shawn McGowen is CEO of Leather Honey, a multi-generational, family company that produces one of the most popular, and safest, leather conditioners in the world. He has a detailed knowledge of leather materials, conditioning agents, their impacts on leather fibers, and how to choose and apply conditioner to properly maintain leather goods.

What You Get

A specific increase in applicable knowledge, an understanding of why leather needs conditioning, what to look out for, how to spot a quality conditioner, and the proper ways to apply it.

This is an often-misunderstood area of leather care. Well dive into myth-busting, question-answering, and experienced-educating to help you know more than the average crafter!

Session Details

In this expert’s guide to why, how, and getting great results, we’ll explore a few key areas. They’ll include:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why leather needs conditioning
  • The main types of conditioners (water-based, oil-based)
  • What conditioners actually do to leather fibers (and which can damage them)
  • Choosing the proper, safe conditioner for your leather
  • What conditioners actually damage leather
  • How to properly apply leather conditioner
  • How often to condition leather
  • Color changes
  • Mythbusting common beliefs
  • Natural conditioners that work
  • and more

Session Summary

Crafter Sessions - Summary Doc - Leather Conditioning - Shawn McGowen of Leather Honey - International Leather Club

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