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Leather conditioning benefits, types of conditioners, which to avoid, and the conditioning process explained.

Crafter Sessions – Leather Conditioning – Shawn McGowen of Leather Honey – International Leather Club

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What You'll Get

A specific increase in applicable knowledge, an understanding of why leather needs conditioning, what to look out for, how to spot a quality conditioner, and the proper ways to apply it.

This is an often-misunderstood area of leather care. Well dive into myth-busting, question-answering, and experienced-educating to help you know more than the average crafter!

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Guest Expert

Shawn McGowen is CEO of Leather Honey, a multi-generational, family company that produces one of the most popular, and safest, leather conditioners in the world. He has a detailed knowledge of leather materials, conditioning agents, their impacts on leather fibers, and how to choose and apply conditioner to properly maintain leather goods.
Shawn McGowen of Leather Honey
Shawn McGowen
Owner, Leather Honey

Format & Duration

This Crafter Session™ is presented in a recorded video format, approximately 60 minutes long, and available to digitally stream on most any device.

Who Can Benefit

This Session can be beneficial to newer crafters who would like to understand what are good approaches to conditioning leather, and what bad habits to avoid. It can also be helpful to more experienced crafters who might not be aware of some of the nuances of proper leather conditioning, especially for different leather types.

Course Curriculum

Content Details

Why leather needs conditioning

A look into the natural fiber and how moisture plays a role

The main types of conditioners

We look at water-based and oil-based conditioners and what makes them different

What conditioners actually do to leather fibers

How it helps them maintain strength, and which conditioners can actually damage them

Choosing the proper, safe conditioner for your leather

A lot is based on the specific type of leather being conditioned

What conditioners actually damage leather

It's true, some can do more harm than good, we explore what and why

How to properly apply leather conditioner

A demonstration of the basic steps in the process

How often to condition leather

What factors to consider in planning your maintenance approach

Color changes

what to keep in mind about conditioner and impact on leather color

Mythbusting common beliefs

From using household items to making your own, we bust some common myths

Natural conditioners that work

Some are available, and great, what to look for

Other topics

Chats about the industry, family heritage, and more

Take a peek insidE

Check out the video

Here are a few moments from the Session, Dan talking with Shawn, a demonstration of applying leather conditioner, and a look into conditioners for different types of leather.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, some Sessions and courses are available to ILC members. Basic ILC membership is Free, you just have to be logged in to see the video.

Leather Honey is a generations-old company that produces natural leather cleaners and conditioners. They are one of the highest rated on Amazon.

In general, no. Shawn talkes us through some of the variations and things to keep in mind when choosing a proper conditioner for different types of leathers.

Yes, contact information is available in the Session.

Overall, yes. Shawn shares some helpful insights into better understanding different types of leather conditioners, and answers questions about conditioning different types of leathers.

Session Summary Guide

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Crafter Sessions - Summary Doc - Leather Conditioning - Shawn McGowen of Leather Honey - International Leather Club

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