Leather Hardware
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Leather hardware types, finishes, when to use them, and the custom production process explained.

Crafter Sessions - Leather Hardware - Hugh Harriss of Buckleguy - International Leather Club
How It's Made
Explore how leather hardware is designed and manufactured
Material Options
What are common options, and which are true quality
Project Selections
What are common types of hardware and when to use them

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What You'll Get

A specific increase in applicable knowledge, an understanding of leather hardware, what makes hardware quality, and factors to consider when making great choices for your project.

This is an area of leathercraft with so much potential to influence your finished projects in big ways. We’ll dive into myth-busting, question-answering, and experienced-educating to help you know more than the average crafter!

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Guest Expert

4th-generation owner of Buckleguy, a family business. He has helped develop their global hardware offerings and his knowledge includes unique, expert-level experience in all facets of leather hardware design, testing, and production.
Hugh Harriss of Buckleguy
Hugh Harriss
Owner, Buckleguy

Format & Duration

This Crafter Session™ is presented in a recorded video format, approximately 60 minutes long, and available to digitally stream on most any device.

Who Can Benefit

This Session can be beneficial to newer crafters who would like to understand what hardware options are available, and to more experienced crafters whom want to understand the process to design and manufacture custom hardware.

Course Curriculum

Content Details

Common types of leather hardware and their functions

Most folks are usually familiar with rivets and snaps, there are a few other very handy ones

The hardware manufacturing process

Step by step we walkthrough how they're made

A look into brass and zinc

What makes them different, and suitable for unique applications

Metal finish options

Aesthetics, functional benefits, and cost variances

What really makes quality hardware different

It's more than just money, quality truly lies in the materials and production process

Factors to consider when choosing hardware for a project

Uses, finished look, and how they will wear over time

Other discussion

Chats about the industry, family heritage, and more

Take a peek insidE

Check out the video

Here are a few moments from the Session, Dan talking with Hugh, demonstration of some hardware, and a close look at the steps of the hardward production process.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, some Sessions and courses are available to ILC members. Basic ILC membership is Free, you just have to be logged in to see the video.

Buckleguy is a company that produces some of the highest-quality leather hardware in the world. They also offer a wide range of tools and materials for leathercraft and other purposes.

In short, yes. Hugh explains to us how that can be done.

Yes, contact information is available in the Session.

Overall, yes. Hugh shares some incredible insights that only someone with his experience is familiar with. It’s definitely a fun and educational one to watch.

Session Summary Guide

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Crafter Sessions - Leather Hardware Summary Doc - Hugh Harriss of Buckleguy - International Leather Club

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