Crafter Sessions – Leather Hardware with Buckleguy

Leather Hardware

Crafter Sessions - Leather Hardware - Hugh Harriss of Buckleguy - International Leather Club


Presenter Bio

Hugh is a 4th-generation owner of Buckleguy, a family business that has been serving high-end customers in the leather industry since 1945. He has helped develop their global hardware offerings that have changed the game literally around the world. His knowledge includes unique, expert-level experience in all facets of leather hardware design, testing, and production.

What You Get

A specific increase in applicable knowledge, an understanding of leather hardware, what makes hardware quality, and factors to consider when making great choices for your project.

This is an area of leathercraft with so much potential to influence your finished projects in big ways. We’ll dive into myth-busting, question-answering, and experienced-educating to help you know more than the average crafter!

Session Details

In this expert’s guide to why, how, and getting great results, we’ll explore a few key areas. They’ll include:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Common types of leather hardware and their functions
  • The hardware manufacturing process
  • A look into brass and zinc
  • Metal finish options (aesthetics and functional benefits)
  • What really makes quality hardware different
  • Factors to consider when choosing hardware for a project
  • and more

Session Summary

Crafter Sessions - Leather Hardware Summary Doc - Hugh Harriss of Buckleguy - International Leather Club

Watch the Session

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