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What is the Session Format?

The Sessions are presented via our live-streaming area of the Club, with chat and video capabilities. In general, the Presenter and or Moderator video will be viewable, while attendees will have video/audio muted, and can ask questions via chat. This helps provide a smooth experience for the instructor to deliver their lesson while incorporating student questions during the Session.

How Do I Connect to the Workshop?

The workshop platform can be easily accessed through most any modern web browser, on desktop or mobile devices. Once registered, you will receive the access link.

Can I Network Before the Workshop?

Yes, attendees can network and chat with other attendees, if they would like, before the Session date. By visiting the Session link (provided after registration), you’ll be able to get in touch with others to share thoughts and ideas in a group chat about what you’re looking forward to, including what you’d like to get out of the session.

Can I Participate with Audio/Video Off?

Yes! You can participate by typing questions into the chat area, while watching the live video stream from the Presenter. We want you to enjoy the Session however you learn best.

Can I View it from Anywhere?

The live Session, or the recording, can be viewed through most any modern web browser and device capable of video streaming, connected to the internet, almost anywhere in the world. Learn from the comfort of your own place.

What if My Internet Goes Down?
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No worries! The Sessions are recorded and you can access them for a period of time after the date of the event. Just visit the Session link (available after registration) and you can view the video recording once your internet connection is back up.

Can I View the Session Recording
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Yes, Session recordings are available for a period of time after the date of the event. This allows attendees the opportunity to reference parts of interest, or view it again multiple times if you’d like.

What is the Refund Policy?
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Some sessions are free. In general for paid Sessions, refunds are not provided since the Session recording will be available for a period of time after the live event. Making a reservation secures the attendee a spot (and if filled prevents others from joining), so the availability of the recording allows the full group of registered students/attendees ample time to enjoy the Session even if they had to change their schedule on the actual day of the event.

Can I Partner with You on a Session?
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We welcome collaborating with knowledgeable folks who truly want to help others and share helpful knowledge. Reach out and let us know! We’d look forwatd to talking with you, email us at:

Any Other Questions? Contact Us
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Have any other questions? We want this to be a really exciting, fun, and beneficial experience for you! I know we’re excited 🙂 If there is anything else we can help answer, send us a note at:

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