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Design a Handbag Collection - London Leather Workshop - International Leather Club
Design a Handbag Collection with The London Leather Workshop
Learn how to plan and design a cohesive accessory collection and smoothly communicate your ideas to a manufacturer.
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Leather Craft Pattern Design Basics - Marina Karlova - Course Cover
Leather Pattern Design with Marina Karlova
Learn the basics to design and draft your own leather craft patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Includes example patterns, design theory, aesthetic principles, and step-by-step instruction.
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Leather Bag 2 - Why Photography Matters
Leather Product Photography with Karlova Design
Unlock the art of leather product photography in this course — master camera skills, lighting, and post-processing to showcase leather craftsmanship.
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leaftrays main
Leaf Trinket Trays Pack by Karlova Design
Make these beautiful leaf trays out of scraps, and each of them can be completed in a couple of hours! Easy project suitable for beginners.
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Whiskey main
Whiskey Bag by Karlova Design
A beautiful bag using saddle bag construction with aesthetically-appealing, structural gussets. Strong construction in an attractive design.
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fetiche bundle main
Le Fétiche Pack by Karlova Design
Two beautiful and unique corset pencil cup designs. Great projects for using special, small, or scrap leathers. Involves some great stitching and can be made in one night.
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Luxury Leather Belt Making - International Leather Club
Luxury Leather Belt Making with Bennett Liberty
Learn secrets the high-end fashion brands use to make luxury leather belts. Master craftsman Bennett Liberty demonstrates the tools, methods, and techniques step-by-step.
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Leather Snap and Button Covering - International Leather Club
Leather Covered Snaps and Buttons with Bennett Liberty
Learn the professional methods, and the custom tools, used to cover snaps and buttons with leather. These are often found on high-end and luxury leather goods.
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The Complete Guide to Leather Tools First Edition - International Leather Club
The Complete Guide to Leather Tools - 1st Edition eBook
Over 175 leather working tools, with details, descriptions, and photographs (290-page eBook). Learn what tools are used in the craft and when to use them.
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ILC+ - International Leather Club
Access libraries of online, digital leather working patterns, ebooks, guides, early access to video content, and other special club features.
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