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Babi Wrobel - Painting Florals on Leather Bags - Course Image
Painting Florals on Leather Bags
Create a beautiful floral painting on a leather bag. Learn each step, picking up tips to make your bag stand out and look awesome.
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The Lucky Needle - The Apprentice Upholstery Course - Square.jpg
Upholstery Apprentice Course
Learn automotive upholstery through these detailed auto upholstery classes. Expert-led upholstery course and training you can start today.
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The Lucky Needle - All in One Upholstery Course - Square
All In One Auto Upholstery Course
This All In One Course package is a collection of all the courses by The Lucky Needle in one package with a great discounted price. Purchase this course bundle and save your money and time!
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Shoemakers Academy - Shoemaking for Brand Builders & Designers - Square
Shoemaking for Brand Builders & Designers
Learn the secrets behind footwear design, development, and manufacturing and explore the shoemaking techniques employed by industry giants.
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Sabrina Lee - Introduction to Bagmaking - Leather Bag
Introduction to Leather Bag Making Course
Learn basic leatherworking skills and apply them to make a sleek leather tote bag, customized to the perfect size for your lifestyle.
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RJ LEather Studio - Upcycled Tote - Block Image.jpg
The Upcycled Tote
Learn how to create a stylish and unique leather tote bag using upcycled materials.
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Embercraft Creations - Mastering the Leather Mask - International Leather Club
Mastering the Leather Mask
Learn how to design, tool, stitch, sculpt, and paint your own unique leather masks in this special online course.
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Design a Handbag Collection - London Leather Workshop - International Leather Club
Design a Handbag Collection
Learn how to plan and design a cohesive accessory collection and smoothly communicate your ideas to a manufacturer.
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Leather Craft Pattern Design Basics - Marina Karlova - Course Cover
Leather Pattern Design
Learn the basics to design and draft your own leather craft patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Includes example patterns, design theory, aesthetic principles, and step-by-step instruction.
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Leather Bag 2 - Why Photography Matters
Leather Product Photography
Unlock the art of leather product photography in this course — master camera skills, lighting, and post-processing to showcase leather craftsmanship.
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leaftrays main
Leaf Trinket Trays Pack
Make these beautiful leaf trays out of scraps, and each of them can be completed in a couple of hours! Easy project suitable for beginners.
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Whiskey main
Whiskey Bag
A beautiful bag using saddle bag construction with aesthetically-appealing, structural gussets. Strong construction in an attractive design.
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