ILC Partners

One of the greatest joys of sharing in a hobby, craft, or profession is sharing that with others. The more folks we have to communicate with, share with, and learn from, the more we all benefit from the experiences.

If you have an audience that trusts you and the content you provide, you might be interested in helping them learn about the International Leather Club and the value of its membership by promoting membership through your channels.

ILC Affiliate Program FAQ

The terms of the ILC Affiliate Program can be viewed here at the ILC Affiliate Program Terms Page.

To quality as an ILC Affiliate you need to have:

  1. A website with a trusting audience generating at least 1,000 pageviews per month -OR- A social media channel with a trusting audience of at least 500 followers.
  2. Proof of the audience – this can be submitted as a link in your application, to a screenshot of your website/channel(s). This can be included in your application (via the application link).
  3. A clear approach that you will use to promote ILC membership. This can be included in your application (via the application link).
  4. Have an email address to which PayPal payments can be made.
  • Please contact us for the latest fee structure. Each referral must signup to the ILC as a member. If for some reason a member is refunded, the affiliate commission will not apply.
  • Commissions are paid out Monthly, to the PayPal account included on the Affiliate Application.

To apply to the ILC Affiliate Program, click this link, or the “Apply to be an Affiliate” button on this page.

After applying, your application will be reviewed.

The ILC values partners who build and cultivate trusted audiences. Quality of those audience interactions, information, and relationships are key.

If we feel there is a great fit, the application will be approved. Entry into the program is solely at the ILC’s discretion.

Once accepted into the ILC Affiliate Program, we’ll reach out, and you can then log into the Affiliate Dashboard via the “Affiliate Login” link on this page.

After logging in, you’ll have access to a Dashboard of tools and information, to generate affiliate links, and download assets to use in promotion of club membership.

To log on to the Affiliate Dashboard, click the “Affiliate Login” button on this page.

You need to login to contact with the Listing Owner. Click Here to log in.