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A publication with contributions from artisans, professionals, and crafters from around the world. A trustworthy source for education and passion to benefit you, the crafter.

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Culture, Community, & Craft.

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What's Inside

In each edition, you’ll have access to insights about the profession, trends, and perspectives from industry professionals. We’ll look into our past, honor the heritage of the craft, and look to the future and all of the incredible places it is headed. Areas include:

Benefits to You

Connect with the leaders of our craft and stay on top of the technologies shaping our future.

Some of our skills are timeless, while others are evolving in exciting ways. The International Leather Journal™ (ILJ) captures and explores the nexus of past, present, and future in leathercraft; sharing knowledge, and most importantly wisdom, from the experts around us.

Cost - Free

Giving back to a community that has done so much can be such a positive contribution to its future. We plan to keep subscriptions to the ILJ free so everyone can afford access to learn and improve.

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