Leather Culture

We are all stewards of a craft that has been shared to us. Explore more about leather working heritage, its people, and ways to engage with the profession in different ways and around the world.

Concept Images Vids and Layout - Learning Leathercraft
b2zone Artwork Collection Community - Leathercraft Around the World - International Leather Club - Leathercraft Heritage
Explore the history, people, tools, techniques, influences, awards, and stories from the archives of leathercraft.
Leather Affiliate International Leather Club
Share the experience of leather working with others from around the world. Education, knowledge, access, and support.
Global Leather Directory - International Leather Club
Global Directory
Visual directory to all things leathercraft, worldwide. Search by term, and refine by zip code to find helpful places near you.
International Leather Journal - Cover - International Leather Club - Issue 0 Cover
Contributions from artisans, professionals, and crafters from around the world. A trustworthy source for you, the crafter.
Global platform for premium, handcrafted leather goods. Sellers can open their own storefront in minutes, for free.
Abstract Textures - Front - Leather Trading Card - International Leather Club
Trading Cards
Fun art and collectible leather work that incorporates unique styles of craft from creative people around the world.
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