Leather Heritage

Learn about the history, heritage, people, places, awards, and stories of leathercraft that have influenced the profession today.

Concept Images Vids and Layout - Learning Leathercraft
An Embodiment of the Craft - With Jim Linnell
Studio Stories
Explore the deep history, people, tools, techniques, influences, events, and stories of the craft with Jim Linnell.
b2zone Artwork Collection Community - Leathercraft Around the World - International Leather Club - Leathercraft Heritage
Art Around the World
Explore the journey of this single leather piece that traveled through 6 continents and the hands of 28 skilled leather artists.
Leather Family Tree - International Leather club
Leather Family Tree
This tree is a “living” work in progress and continue to grow over time, reflecting the people and places that helped shaped the craft.
Regional Leather History
See how leathercraft has grown and evolved throughout the world, with influences from people over time and across different regions.
Young Al Stohlman - 2
Al Stohlman Award
Through competitions around the globe, quality work, and contributions to the profession are recognized in this top award.
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