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Gratefulness & Social Good

One of the greatest priviledges of being part of a community is sharing in the growth and lives of others. It is an essential element of being human – at one or many points in our lives, we have all received support from others that has helped lead us to where we are today. Teachers, family, friends, pastors, counselors, and life itself.

Leather Shared is a program of the International Leather Club that focuses on social good and giving back to the leather craft community. It was started in 2021. Some might call it leather craft philanthropy, some might call it leather craft charity. We just call it, being a good neighbor in our community.

Our Mission

To support efforts that promote the education of leathercraft.

From knowledge comes incredible things. We focus on this, and wherever else we see an opportunity to help someone in leathercraft, we’ll work to do so. After all, that is what community is all about.

Our Approach

Transparency and impact are very important. You want to know that your support is helping, and we want to know that our collective help is making a difference.

To help ensure this, we carefully evaluate opportunities and initiate/drive support to, a dedicated crowd-funding campaign. This makes it clear exactly who and how we’re helping. Yes! A genuine connection, to real people.

Submit Opportunities

If you are, or know of an individual or organization that could benefit from our collective community support, let us know. Fill out and submit the form below, we will eagerly review it.

Who We've Helped

Michigan High School Students

The Need

Today, many public schools are underfunded. One creative and driven teacher reached out to seek support in expanding her class’ experiences, providing leathercraft education to her art students. They needed tools and supplies.

The Contribution

We, along with others from across the leathercraft and educational communities, contributed funds enough to help the class obtain the tools and materials to get to work, and the thoughtful teacher did all the rest.

The Result

Students were able to create wallets and bracelets. They also learned how to tool, trim, sew, and mindfully create their own leather templates. Additionally, they got experience use eco dyes and the dyeing process. Examples of their work are below.

Partner with Us

Are you a leather-related organization or individual that would like to partner with us? There is so much room in leather craft for us all to grow and elevate one-another and the community we are a part of. Send us a message and let’s see how we can collaborate on some meaningful things together.

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