Leather Trading Cards

What Are Leather Trading Cards?

Leather Trading Cards are special pieces of art, made into rectangular cuts of leather. Each card is a unique expression from the crafter, embodying their skills, personality, and creativity. Just like classic sports and gaming cards, they are fun to trade and collect!

Mountain Nature Scene - Front - Leather Trading Card - International Leather Club
American Flag - Front - Leather Trading Card - International Leather Club
Abstract Textures - Front - Leather Trading Card - International Leather Club

Leather Trading Card Standards

Leather Trading Card Standard Sizes and Thickness Sizing - International Leather Club


  • Any and everything creatively imaginagble 🙂 Crafters express their unique style

Leather Trading Card Collecting

The ILC provides ways to easily learn about, view, trade, and enjoy the best leather trading cards from your favorite crafters.

Global Registry & Gallery

View incredible leather trading cards from crafters around the world. The Global Leather Card Registry is an online card guide, catalog, and verification platform.

Submit Your Leather Trading Cards

Make your card official! Submit it digitally, for free, and upload images to the Leather Card Registry. Each card:

• Gets its own page & unique link URL that can be shared online

• Users from around the world can view your card in the Gallery

• Each card gets a unique ILC Trading Card ID

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