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The Project

In 2015, one amazing piece of leather began its years-long trip around the world, and through the hands of 28 of the finest leather artists. Below is the story of its journey, and the people that made it so special. Experience:

  • The video of its travels
  • A visual, interactive experience where each piece can be individually clicked for rich details
  • Stories from Jim Linnell, about each artist and piece

Through research at the b2zone Artwork Collective Community archive, we preserve and present this magnificant piece. It now resides at Jim Linnell’s Elktracks Studio in Texas, USA.

The Journey Around the World

This video takes us on the journey of the leather art – we stop at each destination, in the order of its original travels.

Interactive Project Experience

This image below is interactive. Hover over each artist piece, and click on it. A box will appear with a zoomed-in image of their work, their name, order in which they received it, and a description of their personal inspiration that guided what they contributed to the piece. There are some truly incredible stories here that reflect such creative styles from around the world.

Leather Artist Insights and Stories with Jim Linnell

We got to talk with Jim Linnell, and he shared personal insights into the artists and their influence on the piece and on leathercraft. In these episodes below, we walk through this international leather art project artist by artist, revealing some incredible stories along the way.


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