Marketplace Guide

Marketplace Guide

The ILC Marketplace is a simple and very powerful platform for the sale of fine leather goods. Let’s explore how to use it.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Register for a Shop (click here)
  2. Review and get apporoved
  3. Visit your Seller Dashboard (click here)
  4. Add your Shop details, background image, and PayPal account email into the Settings
  5. Add an Item to sell
  6. You’re Open!

Detailed Guide

Apply to Be a Seller

Click the “Open a Shop” link from the Marketplace page.

Fill Out the Registration Form

Fill out the fields to register for a Seller account. Ensure to check the “Apply to become a seller?” box.

Visit the Seller Dashboard

Once you regsiter, we might reach out with some questions to ensure your shop will be a great fit on the marketplace.

After approval, visit the Seller Dashboard to set up your Shop.

Set Shop Settings

This is the fun part!

Store Name: On the Store tab, enter in the Shop Name. This is what will be the URL of your shop.

For example, if your shop was named “Great Shop”, the link would be:

Store Description: Add in what your store is all about, what makes it special.

Seller Info: Add in a bit about you as a crafter and your interests and expertise

Store Website/Blog URL: If you have another online presence and would like to link to it, add it here

Add the other details in that you would like to share.

Add Shop Details

In an individual topic, you can click the heart icon to like a post, and or click either of the “Reply” buttons to reply to the topic.

Additional Shop Details

When you’re all finished updating the fields, click the “Save Changes” button.

Set the PayPal Account

Every seller needs a PayPal account to make payment processing fast and easy. Simply enter in the email address asociated with your PayPal account here. Then, click the “Save Changes” button.

Set Shop Banner and Profile Images

Shop Banner: This is what will make your shop look visually exciting! A placeholder image is available when setting up the shop. If you would like to ad your own, click “Remove Store Banner”, then upload your own image.

For best results, images should be 1020px wide x 250px tall, at 72dpi.


Store Icon: Add this as it will overlay the store banner in several locations throughout the site. This can be a photo of you, a logo, or anything that represents your shop.

For best results, image should be 150px wide x 150px tall, at 72dpi.

Set Shop Shipping Settings

The Marketplace platform has extensive shipping options available.

Will you ship only within your country? Will you charge depending on the number of items purchased? Do you include a handling fee?

Review the Shipping options and set whatever aligns best with your shop needs and offerings.

Continue Shop Shipping Settings

Configure additional shipping options.

Set Shop Social Media Settings

If you have social media accounts and other digital presences, feel free to add their links here. They can show up related to your shop.

In an individual topic, you can click the heart icon to like a post, and or click either of the “Reply” buttons to reply to the topic.

Set and Write Your Shop Policies

This is an important area! Set in writing your shop policies that will directly relate to your interactions with customers. These include:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Shipping Policy
  • Return Policy

Anything else you feel is important and needed to add.

Add in Shop Policy Details

When finished adding them in, click the “Save Changes” button.

Set Shop SEO Settings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key element of being found by search engines, when someone is looking for a product or item related your shop or what you sell.

Fill in these configurations for SEO related to your shop on the marketplace.

Continue with Shop SEO Settings

Once finished, click the “Save Changes” button.

The Products Tab/Adding New Products

Adding new Products is what brings the shop to life. The Marketplace platform provides extensive configuration settings for all types of products (physical, digital), and all sorts of variations and shipping options. Utilize these to configure each however you prefer.

Click the “Products” tab to add a new product.

Once there, click the “Add Product” button to begin adding a new item.

Add Product Details

Add in key product information such as Name and Descriptions.

The Short Description will appear next to the product and above the Add to Cart button. This is should around 150 characters, and can also show up in Google search results next to the product image.

The Long Description will appear below the product on the individual product page, and this can be as long as you’d like, to go into full detail about the product.

Select the Marketplace Category that it most closely fits into.

Select or add tags if you’d like. These are not featured as prominently as Categories, though might be utilized in the future.

Add Product Images / Select Product Type

Add in a featured imaged for the product. This is the image that will show in shops and the search results. Only one image can be a featured image.

Add in Gallery images. Several images can be added as gallery images, and a customer look through them on the product page.

Select other product options as they best relate to your product and preferences.

Continue Setting Product Details

Set additional product details, and click “Add Product” to add a new product, live, to the Marketplace.

Select “Save Draft” if you don’t want to make the product live on the Marketplace just yet, and continue working on it later.

Set Product Inventory Settings

Here, you can set if you’d like to manage inventory for the product and have the system keep track.

Configure these settings as you prefer.

Set Product Shipping Settings

Product Shipping settings allow you to set individual product shipping details separate from the general shop settings.

Configure these for each product, based on your preferences for each individual product.

Set Product Linked Products

Some functionality of the platform might recommend additional products or show closely related products while customers are browsing.

Set and Up-Sell or Cross-Sell preferences here.

Add Product Attributes

If your product has unique attributes (such as sizes, or weights, etc.), feel free to add them here. This will make the product page more descriptive for the customers.

Set Product SEO

Setting product SEO settigns can help make individual products easier to find for search engines, and easier for customers searching for them, to find them online.

Add in SEO details as you prefer.

View Shop Orders

Click on the “Orders” tab wo view the Orders in your shop.

From this view, you can add tracking numbers via the “Tracking Number” link.

All updates and status changes automatically get sent to customers.

Clicking “Order Note” brings up a screen where you can add a note that immediately gets sent to customers.

View Shop Ratings

As customers leave ratings for sellers, after purchasing items, the ratings they leave can be found here.

Configure Coupons (if desired)

If you’d like to make Coupons to help promote products or the shop, the Marketplace has extensive Coupon configuration capabilities.

Click the “Add Coupon” button to start.