Member Discussion Guide

Member Discussion Guide

Here’s how to use and contribute to the Member Discussion area:

Step #1

Click the “Member Discussion” menu link from the main menu.

Step #2

If you’ve never visited the Member Discussion area before, you’ll see a message like this. An email should arrive shortly to the email address you signed up to the ILC with.

Step #3

Here is what the email should look like.Click the link to continue.

Step #4

You should see this page. Click the button to continue.

Step #5

Click this button, or wait a few seconds for it to automatically redirect you.

Step #6

You should now see the Member Discussion main page! If it’s your first time, a tutorial will present itself. Follow it if you’d like, or click to skip.

Step #7

This is the main page. It includes all of the navigation options, and lists the latest posts.

Step #8

Clicking on the Categories dropdown will let you slect a specific category of topics.

Step #9

To start a new topic, click the “New Topic” button.

Step #10

Add in a Title, select a Category to add it to, write the message, and click the “Create Topic” button to create the new topic and add it to the discussion.

Step #11

Click the Profile letter icon to explore your profile options.

Step #12

Click the “hamburger” menu item (menu item with 3 lines), so see discussion forum areas and options.

Step #13

Enter a search term and click the magnifying glass to search the discussions and topics.

Step #14

In an individual topic, you can click the heart icon to like a post, and or click either of the “Reply” buttons to reply to the topic.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email.

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