Leather Trading Cards – Swap Cards

Leather Trading Cards - How to Swap Cards

Trading Can be So Much Fun!

Swapping cards with fellow crafters can be a really enjoyable way to connect with other crafters from around the world.

It’s great to engage with different style sand designs, build relationships, chat, collect cards, and share your cards with others. Collecting can be as fun as crafting 🙂

Abstract Textures - Front - Leather Trading Card - International Leather Club

Here's How You Can Get Started Today

  1. Visit the Card Swapping section of the ILC Discussion Community (be signed in as a Free or Full Member).
  2. Start a new topic and post cards for trade (and/or)
  3. Reply to others who have posted cards to trade
  4. Agree on a trade! 🙂
  5. Privately (through direct messaging or offline means) coordinate how you will ship/deliver the cards to each other.
  6. That’s it!

The community is a way to easily network with folks. The ILC does not act as a monitor or intermediary for any trades – your interactions and any exchanges with folks are solely between you and them and are your individual responsibility.

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