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Explore common and unique tools, getting a detailed understanding of why an when to use them.
Learn about popular leather working techniques, and when and why to use them.
Leather Types
Gain an understanding of popular leather types - know what projects you'd use them for and why.

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What You'll Get

I’ve taken years of expertise and consolidated it into this knowledge program for you, called LeatherCoach.

Easily gain an understanding of leather types, techniques, tools, and the workshop, for those newly interested in leatherworking, and experienced crafters alike.

Save time, money, and enjoy it more – get a head start on your crafting with my personal guide today. At only $29, I’ve packed so much in there for you (things I wish I had years ago and are not commonly known).

Leather Coach Desk


Dan Concord is a professional leather crafter with 15 years of design experience and expertise. He is founder of the successful Liberty Leather Goods studio, and also a published author, speaker, teacher, and educator on leather working tools and techniques. He lives in the USA.
Dan Concord Leather Crafter
Dan Concord
Crafter at Liberty Leather Goods


This program includes three files, 2 in PDF format, and 1 in .xlsx Excel format. You’ll ve able to view and download the files, using them at your studio, while traveling, and most anywhere you have your digital device.

Target Student

This program kit is helpful to a range of crafters. Those who are brand new can gain a deeply helpful overview of leatherworking to know where they want to explore and learn first. Experienced crafters can utilize the workshop management tools.

Program Includes


1. Leather Qualities & Grades

So common is the misunderstanding of leather “qualities” and “grades” like Top Grain and Full Grain leather. Get a full, detailed breakdown here to make better project and purchasing choices.

2. Leather Types

A look into 34 popular types of leather. Know about the differences to guide choices for projects, and helping identify some leather material you might have or come across.

3. Leather Tools

Over 175 leather working tools, with details, descriptions, and photographs (220-page eBook). Learn the overview of what tools are used in the craft, and which can be beneficial to use for different techniques and projects.

4. Leather Techniques

A look into 31 leather working techniques. Better understand what skills are useful in the craft, and which you can pply to your projects and plan to develop as you get more experience in leatherworking.

5. Project Ideas List

Explore 176 leather projects ideas, getting inspiration for all sorts of leather goods rangins from personal accessories, to pet accessories, clothing, footwear, historical items, and decorate items. Let your creative spirit soar!

6. Buyers Guide

Advice and recommendations for buying leather, and leather tools. Gain insights into what to look for, what to keep in mind, and where to shop. Let the rubber hit the road as you take your knowledge and directly apply it to buying materials and tools for your next project.

7. Workshop Planner & Project Calculator Spreadsheets

Organization makes success much easier with these Workshop Management Tools (so I did a lot of the work for you!) An Excel workbook with 6 separate worksheets to make your crafting go smoother. Each includes instructions and recommendations for use. They include:


  1. Workshop Planner – Plan out your workshop including space, seating, lighting, and tools.
  2. Tool Inventory – Easily keep track of the tools you have, costs, and notes about each.
  3. Material Inventory – Track all the leather, hardware, and supplies you use to know what you have, where you store it, and when it’s time to order more.
  4. Tools Wishlist – We all love new tools 🙂 Make a reference list here so it’s easy to know what you want or need next.
  5. Project Calculator – Make cost planning (for yourself or for customers) simple by estimating project costs before starting.
  6. Sales Price Calculator – for those who consider selling leather goods, use this sheet to help calculate markup costs to fairly price your products.
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Check out the sections

Here just a few of the chapter title pages, to help give a look into the material that is covered, resources you’ll have, and look/feel of the program.

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Most frequent questions and answers

This program kit is helpful to a range of crafters. Those who are brand new can gain a deeply helpful overview of leatherworking to know where they want to explore and learn first

Those more experienced can develop a deeper, fuller undertstanding of important facets of the craft, while having an extensive set of resources, guides, and workshop management tools available for use in the shop every day.

Once you complete the purchase and are logged in, you will see a menu option appear for LeatherCoach™ under “Courses”. There, you can view and download the program files:

1. The LeatherCoach™ Program Kit (PDF)
2. The Complete Guide to Leather Tools – 1st Edition eBook (PDF)
3. The Workshop Planner and Calculator Spreadsheet (.xlsx Excel)

As a digital item where all assets are delivered instantly, there are generally no returns. I think you’ll find a lot of value in this program pack.

The PDFs can be viewed online, and downloaded. To view downloaded, any device which can open PDF files should work.

To view the .xlsx spredsheet file, a device that can open this include most Mac and Windows systems with a spreadsheet program, as well as the popular and free Google Sheets.

Yes, the program files can be downloaded and viewed on your computer. If you’d like to view some online, the PDFs can be viewed online, too, for convenience and flexibility.

Let your coaching begin

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